Search Engine Optimization

Google has your email, is logged into your phone, and probably has pictures from the street just outside your house. They’re essentially unstoppable in their quest to document all of existence, so we might as well give in and give them what they want. In turn, they’ll hopefully share it with others. That’s where our SEO services come into play.

Some Search Engine Backstory…

SEO Services

Founded in 1998, Google was on a mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” which is something they have, without doubt, achieved. Back then, a whopping 20 years ago, all you needed to do was make yourself present and accessible on the web and you had it made. It’s not so easy these days, but that original mission is something you can’t forget as you first start addressing your SEO approach. Don’t get too crazy reaching for the sky when you still have a foundation to put down.

What About Now?

At the time of writing this, Google’s current vision statement is “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” They’re getting closer and closer to this every day, and the best way to get on their good side is to help them make it easy. To do this we need to not only make the foundation of a site strong, but we need to build authority to show google that you’re an awesome resource on what you do. Next up, dish out exactly what your customers are out there to see. This doesn’t always match with what you want to show them, but lets be clear… Google runs this town.

So… What do we do?

Everything. Do everything. Content creation, unique meta titles, local citations, technical fixes, building back links, post dumb pictures to your social media… All of it. The main thing we’ll tell you not do is get caught up only focusing on one piece of the puzzle, because SEO is a sum of efforts greater than its parts. Your site may require more work in one area versus another, but its specialists like us that are here to figure that out for you. Even if you’re not ready to pull the trigger on hiring out your SEO just yet, you’re welcome to ask us questions!