Email Marketing

You’re going about your day when suddenly your significant other calls out, “The kitchen is flooding!” You walk in to find the floor is a mess mess, the dishwasher is making noises, and your dog is currently lapping up dirty soap water.

What do you do??

Email Marketing Services

Initially, you’re probably going to grab some towels and send the dog outside… but if you’re not interested in pulling apart the dishwasher, you’re going to need to call someone. Luckily, a plumber you talked to back when you bought the house just sent you an email last week about appliance repair. You haven’t thought about that guy in years, but he’s easy to reach and already in your head so you pick up the phone and then line his pockets with hundreds of dollars while he gets your kitchen back in order.

You could be that guy.

All it takes is someone to manage your email marketing for you. At Skyshot, we can set this up so you can run it yourself or we can manage your contact lists, keep a content calendar, and send those emails for you. The conversion rate may be low, but with the low cost (its free to collect emails!) the potential return is definitely worthwhile. Contact us today to learn more about our email marketing services!