Expanding Your SEO Reach To Neighboring Cities

How To First Look At Local SEO

Local SEO and Neighboring TownsA question that frequently comes up is “Why can’t I rank at the top for a town only 10 miles away?”

The answer to that is quite simple… You’re not there. Why would Google put a person in touch with a business 10 miles away when there are others closer?

That second question is what you need to consider when attempting to expand your reach outside of the area you’re currently in. Give search engines a reason to rank you over someone closer to the customer such as geo fenced ads focused on neighborhoods or rockstar reviews that blow the competition out of the water. A longtail approach focusing on creating niche content around services that not everyone offers is another easy way to get yourself in front of those potential customers not already in your backyard. But before you do this….

Keep Your Local SEO Local…

Own your backyard. Yes, we agree that it would be great to expand your reach to neighboring towns because they have hundreds of thousands of people, but before you do that you should capitalize on everything closest to you. If you can’t perform well in your current area, don’t expect to be able to grow into others.

Now this isn’t all an exact science since rankings factors are different for every industry and location, but we’re here to help make sense of it if we can. Contact us if you’re running into Local SEO challenges and we’ll be happy to share our thoughts or lend a hand!