101 SEO Uses

SEO Pros and ConsDo you really want to read about 101 different uses for SEO services? I’ll be upfront early in this article that there will not be 101 uses for SEO spelled out for you here. Instead, lets talk more about what search engine optimization is best for and then I’ll leave you with some food for thought

The Biggest Pros of SEO

  • Increased organic traffic – Who doesn’t want more visitors to their site? If you don’t want additional visitors, chances are you’re not doing it right.
  • Credibility and Awareness – In today’s world, if you’re not on the web then you must not be real… So you better be there! No one is calling the number off of the side of a van anymore, they’re pulling out their smart phone, googling you, reading your reviews, finding a coupon, and then they’re probably sending you an email. You can’t even get into online dating without having someone creep on your entire professional history.
  • Low cost per conversion – Since traffic generated through search engine optimization isn’t billed per every visit, this can get some serious return on your investment! Conversion rates are often low, but if you’ve at least made a positive impression on someone they’ll be more likely to call you when your services are needed.

The Cons of SEO

  • Occasionally slow – The lame comparison I often make is that SEO is similar to gardening. You plant stuff in the spring, tend to it all summer, and if you’re lucky… the squirrels wont terrorize every bit of it and you’ll make out well in the end. There’s nothing in SEO that happens overnight.
  • Requires trial and error – Back to the lame gardening reference…. What worked really well for the guy two towns over isn’t guaranteed to work for you. You still have to try though!
  • Ch- ch- ch- changes! Google is always making tweaks and advances on how they can best present other sites on the web. Sometimes you’ll be killing it going down a certain path and suddenly google changes the target. If you stick to best practices, this usually doesn’t hurt as much as people like to complain

Some Food For Thought…

If you don’t already invest in SEO services, why don’t you? Which cons outweigh the pros? We’d love to hear your feedback and possibly even start up a challenge to see if we can change your mind. Contact us anytime!